Located in Harleysville, PA, and open for hitting instruction since August of 2009, I'm excited to offer limited private hitting instruction to the surrounding community. Hitting a baseball is hard enough, being taught improper mechanics and technique from well meaning coaches only adds to a batter's frustration. Learn why commonly taught theories such as  "swinging down",  "squash the bug", "hit the top half of the ball", or "swing like your chopping wood" may be making it harder for your child to hit the ball.  Having a fundamentally sound swing is now even more important with the new bat regulations that have been implemented at every level.   Please refer to http://www.mikeepsteinhitting.com/ for more information on the way Mike teaches players of all skill levels how to hit the ball. The results speak for themselves.

Whether playing, coaching or instructing, I've got over 33 years of experience in baseball.  A three year starter during high school. Twice voted to the All State Baseball team as a second baseman in Utah. State Champions in 1990 as a Junior. Private tryouts held with the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros. Currently the head coach of two travel teams at 15U and 13U levels. I'm also an approved Viper Bats dealer. Your child's develpment into an all around hitter is my goal.

For children moving from T Ball to Coach Pitch, a 3 session class to get your child ready for live pitches, teaching them the proper mechanics, is offered.   

Single sessions to spot check a hitters swing, or help with specific hitting problems can also be provided. 

Have a favorite glove that needs some repairs? I can fix most gloves, short of stitching repairs. Quotes provided upon seeing mitt. 


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