As a Certified Epstein Hitting Instructor, at Home Run Hitting, I teach the rotational method, taught by Ted Williams, and perpetuated through Mike and Jake Epstein.   Barry Bonds, Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton, and many, many other major league players swing this way.   Just watch the home run derby and you can see what the swing looks like !!!   7 sessions, lasting about an hour, will be required to teach your child an improved swing. Sessions include 1 on 1 instruction, exercises, various drills, video analysis and lots of repetition. Not all kids are ready to learn the rotational method of hitting. For children under 9 years old, if you feel your son or daughter is ready, I'll provide a free analysis prior to accepting them as a student to make sure they are ready.

Check out this recent clip from ESPN's Sports Science that shows what Mike Epstein has been teaching for years. 

Home Run Hitting is a distributor for Viper Bats. Check out their custom made wood bat lines at www.viperbats.com, and then contact me for order details. 

Home Run Hitting is now also the exclusive distributor of Basebalm lip balm. Made exclusively for players, by players. Available now in Peppermint, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Vanilla, and CranGrape. More flavors coming soon. Email sales@basebalm.com with quantity and flavor. For orders of 12 or more, the logo can be custom made to the colors of your team. $2.99 each, plus shipping. 

I also do glove repair and restorations. Email james@homerunhitting.com for more information.

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